Why not use the bank's Title and Closing Services?

CT Title and Closing works with a wide variety of lenders towards the goal of closing on your loan.   One option which most banks have been pushing for as of late is to utilize their title and closing services internally. We feel this is not in the best interest of the purchaser. As the purchaser will discover working with large corporate departments, it can be hard to reach a person when having an inquiry. Also, the assigned person to your case likely will be juggling between many other files, thus increasing the chance of delay and errors during your transaction. At CT Title and Closing we work with our clients in the convenience of your time and in conjunction with your lender. We place the highest level of priority and quality into the purchasing process making sure everything goes smoothly and stress free.

Privacy Policy:

We will not sell, rent, or lease mailing lists or other user data to others, and we will not make your personal information available to any parties unaffiliated with this law firm.  We keep your non-public private information (NPI) in a secure manner at all times.  All emails containing NPI will be encrypted and software is installed to protect any unauthorized access to our network.

Connecticut Title and Closing - A Real Estate Law Firm


Why do i need an attorney to buy a home in connecticut?

 In Connecticut, its is customary for the buyer and seller to a real estate transaction be represented by an attorney. Buying a home in Connecticut will require that you enter into a legally binding contract with the seller of the property. If you are buying a lot from a builder who will build your house,  you may have two contracts: a contract for the purchase of the lot and more complex construction contract that will specify what is to be built, how and when. It is our mission at CT Title and Closing to help you understand how those contracts affect your rights and what the legal obligations to them are. Your attorney is there to protect your interests in your real estate transaction and negotiate a settlement of any disputes that may arise during the process. 

Does CT Title and Closing offer any other legal services?

 Yes, In fact in addition to real estate transactions we offer a wide range of attorney services should you require them. Services include:

Short Sales,

Landlord/ Tenant disputes,

Wills, Living Wills, & Powers of Attorney,

LLC formation,

Divorce Mediation,